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Brown, Amodio & Chandler was established by David Brown and James Amodio, both of whom had backgrounds with large Cleveland law firms, to provide high quality legal representation to clients at a lower cost and on a more personal basis than might be available at larger firms. Over the decades of its existence, the lawyers at Brown, Amodio & Chandler have provided legal services to hundreds of large and small business entities as well as to numerous private individuals. Today, the firm strives to continue to provide this same high level of service in various areas of legal practice.

Serving clients in Ohio with a particular focus on Medina, Cuyahoga, Lorain and Summit Counties.


Divorce Without Dissension

January 4, 2014

In 2013, the Ohio Collaborative Family Law Act went into effect. The collaborative process ensures that all individuals involved in negotiating a marital split do so in a manner which requires full disclosure, voluntary cooperation and open discussion about how the parties can achieve a parenting arrangement which is in the children’s best interest and an equitable financial division.

To encourage this openness and cooperation, the collaborative process begins with each party and his or her lawyer signing an enforceable agreement that they shall voluntarily disclose all information necessary to determine their rights and marital interests without threatening litigation.  The agreement also states that if a divorce lawsuit is filed, neither lawyer can represent the clients before the court.  In this way, all the parties have incentive to cooperate and reach a resolution. Otherwise, the parties will have to start the entire process over with new attorneys, increasing their costs and further delaying the process.

The collaborative process is not for everyone. There are some family matters that simply cannot be mediated.  In those cases, a court will need to make the decision for the parties.  But for those who are committed to ending their marriage in a businesslike and rational manner, collaborative divorce ensures that the lawyers you retain are just as committed as you in avoiding costly litigation. 

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